Bringing Intelligence to local market data distribution and decision making

Build differently with local market growth data

Request growth data on selected local markets, to conduct focused research and build custom reports and applications more easily

Economic Growth API – updated every month/quarter

New jobs, unemployment, labor force, total employment by industry, total employment by occupation, gross domestic product (GDP), economic growth, number of new businesses

Demographic, Income, and Spending Growth API – updated every month/quarter

Population, race, age, sex, households, families, median income, median income by age, median income by race, net worth, poverty and disposable income

We help businesses make informed decisions and build custom applications, by offering easy access to a variety of high-quality, comprehensive local market growth data sets

Access millions of data points on local markets all across the US to help power your applications

Forecasting API

covering over 300,000 US Local Markets

Accurate local market forecasts

Local Market Intel’s 36- Month local market forecasts has a back-tested accuracy or ±2%

Combination APIs

Custom chart and API combinations – blend 12-month growth data with other datasets for custom targeting and customizable dynamic intelligent data-maps

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